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About EduXperience Associates Canada Inc.

EduXperience Associates Canada Inc.

EduXperience Associates  Canada Inc. (M&S Consulting Education International Ltd.) was founded in 2006 as educational services company (Ontario Corporation Number 1693514). With more than 13 years of experience in placing international students in various institutions in Canada, 

we understand the challenges faced by those aspiring to study in Canada. 

We are:

  • a dynamic team of professionals with core experience in giving our clients the personal and specialized care and attention they deserve.
  • official representatives of many highly reputed educational institutions located in Canada including language schools, private/public schools, colleges, and universities. 
  • we provide help and advice to International Students who pursue higher education abroad. We strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspiration and honest intention, who seek excellent quality in tuition, student services, qualifications and career prospects post qualification. 
  • our free advice and information about all courses, study programs and schools, colleges and universities in Canada is objective and unbiased, as we want students to have as much information as possible so that they can make the best choice and decision. 
  • our highly reputable licensed immigration consultants are members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). They guide students through the process of obtaining an appropriate visa (i.e. TRV or Study Permit). 

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Keep math skills sharp over the summer by joining our Summer Math Challenge Program! The Problems of the Week are designed to provide high school students with on ongoing opportunity to solve mathematical problems. The best way to improve your problem-solving skills is to practice solving problems. 

  • Each week, the set of problems from various areas of mathematics will be posted here.
  • Answers to the problems will be posted one week after the problems are posted.

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High school and university life differ significantly in many ways.  

We advise today’s high school students to prepare themselves emotionally as well as academically much before they start at University/College. It can be highly advantageous to access University courses outline in advance and get a head start on your subjects’ weekly practice. Practice in advance will give you a competitive edge, ensure you are coming to University classes prepared, and allow you to spend more of your time tending to upcoming tests/quizzes/assignments.

You can find out practice materials for Math, Physics, Chemistry, English  listed below.

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EduXperience Associates Canada Inc. is pleased to announce its 9th annual Essay Contest “Study in Canada” 2019!

Running from September 20, 2019 until December 10, 2019, the Essay Contest is open to all international students who want to share their thoughts and ideas on the educational and career goals. 

Don't   miss   your chance  to win  a  scholarship of $3,000 CAN to study in Canada! 

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EduXperience Associates Canada Inc. is pleased to announce its 10th annual Essay Contest “Discover  Canada” 2020!

Running from January 10, 2020 until March 10, 2020,  the essay contest is open to all international  students who want to broaden the cultural horizons, explore, and experience Canadian culture, history, education, politics and geography.  

Don't   miss  your chance  to win  a  3-week  English Program in Canada! 

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EduXperience Associates Canada Inc.

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